“Savannah and Georgia appear to be doing very well on the Oximunol. Savannah is handling the stairs better and she is playing with her sister Georgia which they have not done in a while.”

Owner: Gail J.
Pet(s): Savannah (11 year old Golden Retriever) & Georgia (11 year old Golden Retriever)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Energy level scored as Fair. Mobility scored as Poor. Shedding scored as Moderate.

“Sammy is doing great. The Oximunol has really decreased her shedding and it has also helped her mobility a bit as well. I must admit that I was unsure that it would actually decrease her shedding, but I am now a firm believer in your product and I will continue to give this product to her and spread the word.”

Owner: Kathy P.
Pet(s): Sammy (10 year old Border Collie X)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Activity/Energy level scored as Good. Mobility scored as Good. Shedding scored as Moderate.

“Just wanted to let you know that Fergus is doing very well. He is still taking his Oximunol and is much less itchy than in the past, his hair is thicker and shinier than before (he was losing it) and he seems more agile. Fergus is almost 9 and was starting to have problems getting up on the sofa and bed. We have noticed however, that whereas he used to be a very fussy eater, since beginning to take Oximunol he seems to be a bottomless pit. This is good as he always was a little underweight and at times would go on hunger strikes. We’re really glad we found Oximunol for Fergus and we will continue to use it.”

Owner: Lynn M
Pet(s): Fergus
Prior to using Oximunol™: Severe skin and coat issues, loss of hair

“Just wanted to let you know that Nochka is doing great. Her coat has a noticeable sheen to it that she usually lacks in winter. She loves taking the pills, it’s like a daily treat for her.”

Owner: John M.
Pet(s): Nochka (7 year old Black Russian Terrier)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Activity/Energy level scored as Good. Mobility scored as Good. Shedding scored as Mild.

“I have definitely noticed that her coat is not shedding as much, as I am vacuuming less!!!”

Owner: Tracy B.
Pet(s): Raven (10 year old Rottweiler)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Activity/Energy scored as Fair. Mobility scored as Fair. Shedding scored as Mild. NOTE: This dog has unconfirmed cancer in shoulder causing severe mobility restrictions. Owner reports that dog’s mood is much improved and she seems happier even if she can’t move around much more than before Oximunol.

“Our sheltie has been taking Oximunol for about 2 weeks; we do see a lessening of shedding. She is quite playful.”

Owner: Dr. Panchal
Pet(s): Canella (1.5 year old Sheltie)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Activity/Energy level scored as Excellent. Mobility scored as Excellent. Shedding scored as Severe.

“Since starting the Oximunol Solar has gone from glorified doormat to full-throttle puppy again. She’s having a blast chasing after my two young daughters and playing with the family cat.”

Owner: Stephanie C.
Pet(s): Solar (10 year old Yorkie)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Unable to walk stairs, not playful.

“After only two weeks on Oximunol the changes in Peaches was undeniable. She’s back to racing up and down the stairs and she has taken to chasing and playing with her brother Stewie on a daily basis. She’s even found her favourite toy frisbee and is carrying it all over the house again wanting to play! And our sheltie Stewie is no longer leaking gobs of fur all over the place.”

Owner: Jennifer F.
Pet(s): Peaches (11 year old Toy Poodle)
Prior to using Oximunol™: Refused to walk stairs, didn’t want to play very much.

“Since starting the Oximunol, we have note a marked improvemet in Jake’s coat (it feels much smoother and looks shinier) and the amount of shedding has been significantly reduced. While he had a good energy level, we have even noticed that he has an increased energy level above and beyond his standard. I have also noticed that he does not seem to have the level of flatulence that he had previouslty. I am very impressed with the result of Oximunol so far.”

Owner: Mike W.
Pet(s): Jake
Prior to using Oximunol™: Coat Quality scored as Good, Shedding level scored as Moderate

“Chelsea is doing very well on the Oximunol. She has over the last two years had issues with her ears; they get almost a yeasty look to them and an odor along with inflamation. Since taking the Oximunol tablets, her ears have completely cleared up! I’m very pleased with the way things are going.”

Owner: Linda H.
Pet(s): Chelsea
Prior to using Oximunol™: Activity/Energy level scored as Poor. Coat Quality scored as Good.

“Jersey has been doing well. My vet recommended I try Oximunol as an alternitive to prednisone for his Cutaneous Histiocytosis. He had been on the prednisone at first but it wasn’t doing much. I weaned him off of that and put him on the Oximunol and it completely cleared up so far!”

Owner: Gillian B
Pet(s): Jersey
Prior to using Oximunol™: Diagnosed with Cutaneous Histiocytosis

“Our bull mastiff/chocolate lab “George” has had some coat issues for some time now. His skin was dry and he developed a lot of flaking on his back when he scratched. We tried several different foods over the past year to no avail. He has now been taking Oximunol for two weeks and the improvement in his coat health is nothing short of striking. His fur is shiny, soft and the flakes have completely disappeared!!!”

Owner: Peter C.
Pet(s): George
Prior to using Oximunol™: Dry, flaking skin

My dog has improved in a number of ways (since starting Oximunol Chewables). She drinks a lot more water which is a good thing, her hair loss seems to be somewhat diminished and her digestive system seems better. I am hopeful she will (continue to) improve over time with her pills – which she really likes the taste of so that helps a great deal.

Owner: Joan A
Pet(s): Noname
Prior to using Oximunol™: Hair loss, stiff joints

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the Oximunol chewables. Cassius, my AmStaff x American bulldog had been banished from the bed due to excessive shedding – I can TRY to get hair out of him now and come up with almost nothing. He used to clog the drain in the bathtub two or three times during a bath – now I can bathe him and not have to clean the drain at all. I’ve recommended the 50 trial/challenge to my mom and a couple of my friends who have dogs with varying skin/coat issues and I’m hoping that they see the same amazing results that I have.

Owner: Christina C.
Pet(s): Cassius
Prior to using Oximunol™: Shedding scored as Severe; Skin/Coat scored as Fair

“I got your product to do the online (Oximunol 50 Day) Challenge for my 13 year old black lab. He was showing his age, slow to move around, no silly look on his face. (We) started him on Oximunol Chewables, he has started to move around again with no pain. He sat up and begged for a cookie ( he has not done that for at least 3 years!). He is having fun again, at least according to the goofy grin on his face… You have given me back my dog. Thank you.”

Owner: Steve
Pet(s): Lab
Prior to using Oximunol™: Slow to move around – really showing his age

We in this house LOVE (Oximunol)!!! Gave Squirt a bath the other day for the first time since he’s been on Oximunol, and normally, I would have to empty the hair catcher in the drain (laundry sink) like 20 times…Didn’t have to empty it more than once. I don’t have to pull out the vacuum every day, and most importantly, he is much much happier! I’ve been pushing Oximunol to everyone that will listen. I even called my vet clinic and told them about it. Planning on dropping by to show them how well Squirt is doing because they’ve seen me struggling with his skin issues since he was a pup. 🙂

Owner: Marianne
Pet(s): Squirt
Prior to using Oximunol™: Excessive shedding