Avivagen’s discovery of the existence of β-carotene-oxygen copolymers as the main product of the spontaneous, non-enzymatic oxidation of β-carotene in air, together with their role as the actual source of non-vitamin A effects, has opened up major product opportunities (see Science for more details on β-carotene-related, non-vitamin A behaviour).

The β-carotene copolymer active compound In Avivagen’s commercial products is most conveniently and economically provided in the form of fully oxidized β-carotene (OxBC), produced synthetically by a global β-carotene manufacturer. Synthetic OxBC is the richest and purest source of β-carotene-oxygen copolymer compound (85% by weight); the presence of very minor amounts of numerous co-generated, low molecular weight, norisoprenoid compounds reflect the oxidation process as it occurs naturally in plant materials.

Commercial OxBC formulations include OxC-beta™ Livestock premix for livestock feeds and Vivamune™ Health Chews supplements for companion animals.

The absence of both β-carotene and vitamin A in the OxC-beta™ products has permitted clear, unambiguous demonstrations of the non-vitamin A benefits of the β-carotene copolymer compound that previously were thought to arise from vitamin A or intact β-carotene itself.

In livestock, the health benefits of the β-carotene copolymer have been clearly shown in various trials with poultry, swine and dairy cattle, using low parts-per-million levels of the compound in feed. Better health translates into better productivity.

In companion animals such as canines, health benefits are observed in a variety of ways that depend on the individual health status of the animals.

Avivagen’s scientific publications support an immunological basis underlying the variety of health benefits observed in animals, it being understood that the β-carotene copolymer becomes effective when the immune system is in less than optimal condition, as is often the situation.

The OxC-beta™ first-in-class line of products now provide livestock producers and pet owners alike access to the actual source of non-vitamin A function, providing consistent and reliable results in enhancing the health of their animals.

For example, OxC-beta™ Livestock not only is able to replace antibiotics used for enhancing food production in livestock feeds but also can be beneficial in conditions where antibiotic use is precluded, e.g., in milk-producing dairy cows.

OxC-beta™ Livestock

products-cowFeeding trials in multiple animal species have demonstrated the clear and reproducible health benefits of providing OxC-beta™ Livestock, over and above supplemental vitamin A. There being no vitamin A or β-carotene present in OxC-beta™ Livestock and in the absence of any inherent vitamin A activity, the benefits obtained with OxC-beta supplementation show they originate from the β-carotene copolymer compound and not from vitamin A or intact β-carotene. Avivagen also has shown that the β-carotene copolymer and related carotenoid copolymer compounds can occur naturally in significant amounts in forages used as livestock feeds, such as alfalfa and hay grasses, which, however, apart from special situations, are not normally included in regular modern feed rations.

OxC-beta™ Livestock’s demonstrated beneficial effects in trials with thousands of animals in different countries and under a variety of conditions are consistent with this naturally-occurring, active form of β-carotene contributing to a better-balanced, healthier feed ration by compensating for the lack or deficiency of what is a previously unrecognized forage component.
The general health-promoting benefits provided by low levels of OxC-beta™ Livestock have wide applicability. A major global opportunity is as a compelling and cost-effective alternative to the use of in-feed antibiotics.

Historically, with limited alternatives, the use of antibiotics to promote growth and prevent certain infections in livestock has been viewed as essential to the economics of raising poultry, swine and cattle. Europe, however, prohibited the routine use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in 2006. Advocacy for the same restrictions to be implemented globally is well established in other countries including the United States, Canada and much of Asia.

The growing pressure on animal food producers to maintain high production and low costs has become a global crisis with the pressing need to stop using in-feed antibiotics to help optimize health and growth. Accordingly, producers have been turning to a variety of non-antibiotic alternatives.

The OxC-beta™ Livestock product has been shown in trials to help animals grow healthier and faster, with comparable feed rations, reducing the single-largest cost in rearing food animals.

OxC-beta™ Livestock is being sold in the Philippines.

“This project will further strengthen UNAHCO’s green platform strategy ‘Safe Feed = Safe Food’. We’re very excited to work with Avivagen on their OxC-beta™ Technology, a nature-based feed ingredient that has been shown to enhance immunity and productivity.”

Glen Ibañez, AVP-Technical Services of UNAHCO

Avivagen is currently working with several additional partners to commercialize this exciting opportunity for the benefit of producers and consumers alike.

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Vivamune™ Health Chews

Vivamune™ Health Chews are a tasty, once-a-day supplement to give your dogs the quality of life and optimal health they deserve.

When our pets are healthy on the inside it shows on the outside. From healthy skin to a glossy coat and a spring in his step, your dog will let you know when he’s feeling his best. Vivamune can help to keep your pet in peak condition and support overall quality of life.

Vivamune™ Chews are suitable for dogs in all life stages and can be given to animals as young as 6 weeks of age. While dogs of any age can benefit from Vivamune™ Chews, they are especially suitable for older or aging pets to help support and maintain overall health and promote quality of life. Vivamune™ Chews help to keep dogs in peak condition and helps reduce the negative effects of stress.

Vivamune™ Chews are available as a healthy, tasty soft chew in resealable foil packs containing 60 chews. Every pet is different with regard to health status but most owners should notice a benefit in their pet within 2-4 weeks of giving the chews.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out what happy pet parents have to say about Vivamune™ Chews.

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Vivamune Health Chews for Pets

“My English Mastiff has seasonal allergies. We had tried everything and finally found your supplement. I tried your product and I am so happy! Rogue looks great and seems happier. I love it. She loves it!”

Terry-Lyn, Mom to Rogue, gorgeous English Mastiff

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