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Media Coverage Archves


Avivagen CEO Interviewed at VICTAM Asia 2018 Conference

Avivagen recently debuted at the VICTAM ASIA 2018 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Continue Reading

CEO Kym Anthony Interviewed by Uptick

CEO Kym Anthony was interviewed by the penny stock news and trends podcast, Uptick Newswire.

I think if people keep their eyes on the size of the prize, [they’ll see] the livestock market is in the billions of dollars; our share of that would be in the hundreds of millions if we roll out successfully. The human market is untouched. The companion animal market is also big. We’ve spent years proving it works; everyone agrees it works. Now is the time to roll it out commercially.

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CTV: Growing resistance to antibiotics fuels market for alternative solutions

CTV NEWS, TORONTO – A hundred years ago, a small wound could result in death if an infection spread. That could become reality again as the world threatens to return to a pre-antibiotic era due to antibiotic resistance.

Some have pointed to the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock feed as a culprit, resulting in urgent calls to quell their use and find alternatives. Continue Reading