People increasingly are looking to alternative remedies for relief from chronic, sub-clinical health conditions for which conventional medicine is either inappropriate or may offer only limited benefits. People also are becoming more aware of the less welcome side effects of some pharmaceutical products.

Health and Immunity

A healthy immune system is the cornerstone of overall health and well-being. Without it we would be unable to effectively defend ourselves against the ever present multitude of bacteria and viruses. Of particular note is the body’s first line of defence, the innate immune system, which is made up of organs such as the skin and the lining of the digestive and respiratory tracts. Specialized white blood cells known as monocytes & macrophages also play critical roles. Together these organs and cells play a vital role in defending against infection. When the innate immune system is working fully and is in proper balance we enjoy better health. An improperly functioning innate immune system puts the body at risk of infection and the deleterious effects from over-active, dysregulated and prolonged inflammation, which can lead to the development of disorders of the skin, digestive and respiratory tracts.

The OxC-beta fit

Just as we have found from observing the benefits of OxC-beta in companion animals, we anticipate there is a significant segment of the human population that, for various reasons associated with living conditions, sub-optimal nutrition, mental stress and environment, enjoys less than optimal health. We anticipate that affected people could benefit from OxC-beta.
OxC-beta helps supports healthy functioning of the innate immune system, which in turn helps to maintain overall health and aid in conditions resulting from a poorly functioning immune system.

As was found with companion animals Avivagen also sees potential for OxC-beta to assist in situations involving gut health, eye health, skin and hair conditions.

Avivagen looks forward to conducting studies in the area of human health to ultimately support the launch and marketing of a range of OxC-beta human supplements.