pet-industry-growthThe Human-Animal bond goes beyond companionship with pets being seen as equally important and loved members of the family as their human counterparts.

72% of US consumers consider pets to be a part of the family (according to Mintel’s Global New Products Database) and want the best products and services available for their pets.

It is not surprising that well formulated, high quality supplements with functional ingredients targeting specific physiological needs of pets are appealing to today’s pet parents committed to optimizing the quality of their pet’s lives.

The unconditional love we feel for our pets is reflected in pet care spending; in Canada, in the face of a global economic recession, pet related expenses were up 9% in 2009 and continue to grow steadily year over year. In the US the APPA (American Pet Products Association) indicates total U.S. pet industry expenditure for 2010 was $48.35B, 2011 was $50.96B and estimates 2012 to reach $52.87B.

Mintel “expects the industry to maintain a steady pace of growth, increasing by 33% over the next five years to reach $67.7 billion in 2016.” Mintel’s Global New Products Database

Vivamune For Pets

Longer Lives

Much like humans, pets are living longer lives these days. Advances in nutrition and veterinary medicine are to thank.

The age distribution of pets is showing a high concentration of adult and senior pets and a smaller percentage of puppies and kittens. But living a long life is not desirable unless quality of life can be maintained.

Senior animals are more likely to be faced with age-related problems such as digestive complaints, hip and joint issues and a challenged immune system.

Owners are increasingly seeking products which will support their pet’s quality of life and we are seeing a trend towards holistic, organic, natural based products which offer minimal-to-no side effects.


The pet supplement industry continues to grow with Packaged Facts reporting the percentage of dog and cat owners who purchased pet supplements and nutraceutical treats increased from 19% and 12%, respectively, in 2005 to 31% and 22% in 2010.
The top-selling supplement group continues to be joint health, with a 4% growth rate in 2011 according to NBJ while skin and coat supplements grew 8%.

As pets are living longer and developing age-related problems, owners are taking cues from their own ways of maintaining health, such as eating well and taking high quality supplements, and adopting similar practices for their pets.

Oxidized Carotenoids: The Natural Approach

Beta Carotene for PetsFollowing over two decades of scientific research we are proud to bring you the only pet supplement to contain our proprietary source of concentrated, oxidized β-carotene.

Vivamune is unique – there no other product like it.

Avivagen’s products are based on unique and patented discoveries that originated from the National Research Council of Canada. Dr. Graham Burton led the discovery concerning oxidized β-carotene and its health benefits.

Avivagen has determined that naturally-occurring oxidized β-carotene compound can work with animals’ immune systems to optimize overall health and well-being, including to:

  • Promote and support healthy joint function
  • Promote and maintain normal mobility
  • Help discomfort associated with normal daily activity
  • Enhance healthy condition of skin and coat
  • Lead to maintenance of normal intestinal function

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Canine Clinical Trials

Two clinical trials have been completed by Avivagen in conjunction with the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI.

Study 1 was completed over a 6 month period and involved 50 dogs of various breeds and ages.

Study 2 was completed over an 8 month period and involved 70 senior dogs (over the age of 5 years) of various breeds.

Both studies produced similar results with owners and veterinarians reporting enhanced coat quality, a reduction in grooming times, increased energy levels, promotion of normal mobility and overall health benefits.*

One of Avivagen’s goals is to conduct further studies into the benefits of OxC-beta and pet health.

In real life

Thousands of dogs and cats across North America have benefited from the health promoting benefits of our OxC-beta supplements.

Here is a little about one of our favourite friends, Sammy:

“Sammy, our Great Pyrenees, came to us with pink skin. As a puppy he was always scratching or rubbing his belly to alleviate the itch and we discovered he had seasonal allergies. We were recommended different diets and products to try but nothing that consistently helped without leaving him super tired from allergy medication or that just wasn’t very affordable.

“It was tough at first trying to find out what the cause for his pink skin was and then once we did know it was kind of constant trial and error. He’s almost two now so it’s been a bit of journey.

“The best part about finding Vivamune?  The willingness to eat the chews! I usually have to hide things in his food and even then he spits them out. I also love that they don’t have to take 16 a day like some other skin supplements we tried because of Sammy and Keeley’s size. They get three a day and gobble them up.

“After three weeks of every day use you could literally see the changes in their coats. Even dirty they were shiny and just seemed to be happier overall. Keeley our other Great Pyrenees hasn’t always had the softest fur but it is wonderful to run your hands through now.

“Sammy is almost two now and this is our first season without pink skin (he usually has irritated skin in the Spring and again in the Fall). Obviously I don’t speak dog but I’m pretty sure he’s super happy that we finally figured out a way to beat his allergies and symptoms.”

Mary, mom to Sammy and Keeley

Vivamune and Oximunol

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*Data on file.