Avivagen’s proprietary and patented technology derives from its discovery that carotenoid oxidation produces oxygen copolymer products that have beneficial immunological properties. Avivagen’s commercial-stage application of its inventions is fully oxidized beta-carotene (“OxBC”), OxC-beta™ Technology (“OxC-beta”).

Avivagen has discovered that OxC-beta™ promotes an animal’s immune system to maintain and enhance health by supporting immune function and usefully reducing excess inflammation. Avivagen is developing OxC-beta™ to replace the antibiotics used for disease prevention and growth promotion in livestock feeds, to enhance quality of life of companion animals and to help maintain optimal health in humans. Avivagen’s commercial products are OxC-beta™ Livestock, Vivamune™ Vital Health3 Chews, and Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets.


OxC-beta™ Livestock

There is growing pressure on food producers to maintain high production and low costs, while continuing to bring us great tasting, high quality food. Historically, the use of antibiotics at low doses to help optimize the growth of food animals has helped to achieve this aim.

Avivagen has developed a proprietary, naturally-derived product, OxC-beta™, which has been clinically proven to help animals grow healthier, faster, with comparable feed rations, reducing the single-largest cost in rearing food animals.

We are currently seeking partners who are interested in commercializing this exciting opportunity for the benefit of producers and consumers alike!

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“This project will further strengthen UNAHCO’s green platform strategy ‘Safe Feed = Safe Food’. We’re very excited to work with Avivagen on their OxC-beta™ Technology, a nature-based feed ingredient that has been shown to enhance immunity and productivity.”

Glen Ibañez, AVP-Technical Services of UNAHCO


Vivamune Health Chews™ are a delicious, once a day, natural supplement to give your pet the quality of life and optimal health they deserve.

When our pets are healthy on the inside it shows on the outside. From healthy skin to a glossy coat and a spring in his step, your dog will let you know when he’s feeling his best. Vivamune can help to keep your pet in peak condition and support overall quality of life.

Vivamune Chews™ are suitable for pets in all life stages and can be given to dogs and cats as young as 6 weeks of age. While pets of any age can benefit from Vivamune™, they are especially suitable for older or aging pets to help support and maintain overall health and promote quality of life. Vivamune helps to keep pets in peak condition and helps reduce the negative effects of stress.

Vivamune is available in for both cats and dogs. It is a healthy, delicious soft chew, in resealable foil packs containing 30 chews. Every pet is different and has a different health status but most owners should notice a benefit in their pet within 2-4 weeks of giving the chews.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out what happy pet parents have to say about Vivamune.

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Vivamune Health Chews for Pets

“My English Mastiff has seasonal allergies. We had tried everything and finally found your supplement. I tried your product and I am so happy! Rogue looks great and seems happier. I love it. She loves it!”

Terry-Lyn, Mom to Rogue, gorgeous English Mastiff


Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets contain the same active ingredient as Vivamune Health Chews.

Oximunol is a hard tablet and is available through veterinarians across the US. If your vet doesn’t stock Oximunol, ask them to!

Oximunol™ contains OxC-beta™ and is a natural dietary supplement that aims to help dogs, especially mature dogs, enhance their quality of life. Oximunol works with your dog’s own immune system to optimize overall health and well-being, including healthy joint function and mobility, healthy skin and coat condition and normal intestinal function.

Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets are available in bottles of 50, from veterinarians in the United States and distributed by the Animal Health division of Bayer Healthcare LLC.

For more information, visit, www.oximunol.com.

Canadian Customers, please read the following memo regarding the availability of Oximunol™ Chewable Tablets.

Carotenoid Oxidation Products

It is now known that ß-carotene copolymers exhibit immunological activity, including priming innate immune function and limiting inflammatory processes. Avivagen’s commercial products are based on these compounds and are used, for example, to promote and maintain health in companion animals, and are anticipated to serve as replacements for routine use of antibiotics used for maintaining health in livestock. A recent discovery has led to the exciting revelation that various foods contain carotenoid copolymers with anticipated non-vitamin A immunological activities that have important health implications.

Avivagen is happy to now offer Fully Oxidized Beta-Carotene. This compound is now available for sale through Chemaphor Chemical Services, a division of Avivagen, along with some additional markers used for its analysis.

Avivagen welcomes enquiries from parties interested in becoming international marketing and distribution partners for its
products. Please direct such enquiries to the attention of the CEO in the Contact Us section of our website or telephone
our head office at 613-949-8164.