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  • Alternative to Antibiotics for Livestock Feed

    Ottawa Citizen:

    Ottawa-based Avivagen has developed an alternative to the antibiotics farmers add to livestock to boost animal growth.

    And that’s not chicken feed.

  • Antibiotic Alternative No Easy Sell to Regulators

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it is streamlining the process, but it has an obligation to do its due diligence

    An interesting position: that’s the place Avivagen president Cameron Groome says he is in with regard to Canadian registration for a new product.

  • Canada's livestock feed regulations are outdated

    The Western Producer: Canada Must Better Meet Demand for Health Products

    Plant a seed but don’t allow the plant to grow. Encourage innovation but don’t provide the climate in which it can flourish.

    Sounds perverse, doesn’t it?

    Yet it is happening in Canada because of outdated regulations governing new livestock feed additives.

  • CEO Groome Interviewed on BNN

    Cameron Groome, CEO of Avivagen Inc, was interviewed on BNN regarding the worldwide initiatives to phase out antibiotics in the raising of animals, and how Avivagen’s core active, OxC-Beta, is providing a safer substitute.

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