Ottawa, ON / TNW-Accesswire / Feb 3 2017 / – Avivagen Inc. (TSXV: VIV, OTC Pink: CHEXF), a life sciences company commercializing products intended to replace the antibiotics added to livestock feeds, announces a project to establish proof-of-concept for a first human health application of its technology ‒ with the help of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the Government of Canada’s premier research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge, technology development, and fulfilling government mandates.

The project will evaluate the efficacy of OxC-beta™ Technology (“OxC-beta”) in an established research model of an infectious disease of humans. Work will be conducted by NRC experts at its facilities based upon a jointly developed protocol and is expected to be completed in 2017.

Dr. James (Jamie) Nickerson, Avivagen’s Director of Product Validation, commented on the project and its objectives:

“We are pleased to be working with NRC on this project to establish a proof-of-concept for use of OxC-beta for a first potential human application – likely as a preventative intervention or as part of a therapeutic regimen. OxC-beta has demonstrated safety and effectiveness across more than a dozen livestock trials and those results lead us to believe that it will also prove to be important to human health and well-being. The results of this project should help to provide such evidence.”

“Antibiotic drug resistance in bacteria is a major concern that could affect the health of Canadians as previously curable infections may become untreatable and spread through the community,” said Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan, Program Leader in Human Health Therapeutics at the National Research Council of Canada. “We have a long-standing expertise in infectious disease research and are pleased to collaborate with Avivagen on this innovative project which will evaluate the potential of OxC-beta to provide additional effective human health treatments.”

Avivagen is not disclosing the specific disease target at this time to help ensure the patentability of this potential new application for OxC-beta™ technology. The disease target is one of the top 18 urgent, serious or concerning drug-resistance threats listed by the United States Centers for Disease Control (the “CDC”). On average, the resistant bacteria listed by the CDC infect more than 100,000 patients in the U.S. every year.

Avivagen intends to summarize the results of the project following its completion and after the filing of any patent application supported by a positive proof-of-concept.

About Avivagen

Avivagen Inc. is a life sciences company that has developed a scientifically-proven product for replacing antibiotics in livestock feeds and to otherwise benefit human and animal health. Avivagen is based in partnership facilities of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) – in Ottawa, Ontario and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. For more information, visit

About OxC-beta™ Technology and OxC-beta™ Livestock

OxC-beta™ Technology is derived from Avivagen discoveries about carotenoids, compounds that give certain fruits and vegetables their bright colors and is a non-antibiotic means of maintaining optimal health and growth. OxC-beta™ Livestock is a proprietary product shown to be effective and economic in replacing the antibiotics commonly added to livestock feeds. OxC-beta™ Livestock is currently registered and available for sale in the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

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